A series of recommendations to soon stabilize operations and economic recovery were proposed by business leaders and construction industry management units at the Conference to remove difficulties for businesses and people affected. by the Covid-19 epidemic and promoting economic and social development in the southern region organized by the Ministry of Construction...
The conference was organized by the Ministry of Construction on the weekend.

According to the assessment of many delegates at the Conference, the situation of construction activities in the South region has been facing many difficulties because: exponential increase in freight rates; the construction site must be temporarily suspended; speculative situation appeared, pushing steel prices; The law related to real estate is still lacking in synchronicity…
Talking about this, Mr. Dinh Hong Ky, Vice Chairman of the Association of Building Materials said: freight has increased by 4-5 times during the pandemic. Moreover, each province has different regulations, there is no consistency in the direction between the Central Government and the localities. Therefore, in recent times, the transportation and circulation of goods is very difficult, greatly affecting the activities of businesses.
As Vice Chairman of the Contractors Association, Mr. Le Viet Hai shared: Due to the regulations on social distancing, many projects had to stop construction. However, the contractor is still fined by the investor for delay. While, in fact, the project has to stop construction or work in moderation, the contractor is also the party that has to bear a lot of damage. Therefore, the Ministry of Construction should have regulations on force majeure conditions, specific regulations when the investor is delayed in paying for adjustment, so that the contractor and the investor have a basis to share with each other.
“In the current conditions, applying for corporate income tax reduction is not a good solution. How enterprises maintain production and business is the key issue. At the same time, removing obstacles on legal issues for projects is also a solution for construction and real estate businesses, "said Mr. Hai.
From the reality of working in the real estate field, Mr. Tran Quoc Dung, Deputy General Director of Hung Thinh Group proposed 7 issues. Including legal issues for Condotel projects. The requirement for condotels is that the standard management follows the hotel model and the investor will follow throughout the product's existence. Therefore, Condotel cannot apply regulations on management of apartment buildings to operate, there is no mechanism for the building management board, and maintenance costs for customers are not paid 2%... In addition, regulations on The project can only be transferred when there is a certificate of land use right, which also causes many difficulties. Therefore, Mr. Dung said that it is necessary to have a synchronous and unified implementation of documents and permits between the central and local governments to avoid the situation of reviewing, wasting more time and costs.
Also discussing the legality related to real estate, Mr. Vo Hoang Ngan, Director of Binh Duong Department of Construction, pointed out the inadequacy in the regulation that must have the consent of the buyer when the house sale project is formed in the future. According to Mr. Ngan, having sold a house in the "future", it is not possible to identify a specific buyer to agree to. Therefore, this provision needs to be revised. “Currently, the district-level construction inspection has been abandoned, if it continues to be abandoned at the provincial level, it will be very difficult for the Department's management. In particular, Binh Duong has 1.2 million employees. When the Covid epidemic occurs, regulations do not allow workers to stay in industrial zones. That regulation needs to be reviewed. In order not to interrupt production and business activities, it is necessary to allow the construction of accommodation for workers in the industrial park.
Meanwhile, representatives of the Departments of Construction of Dong Nai, Long An, etc., together with the petition on the regulation on the minimum room area for employees to rent has expired, be replaced by Circular 09 from October 1. 2021. However, Circular 09 does not stipulate the area, so the localities have no basis to accept these types of projects…
Agreeing with the above comments, Mr. Tran Hoang Quan, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Construction suggested that a number of provisions in the Law on Construction, Law on Land, Law on Investment and Real Estate Business should have unified points. for better execution. Mr. Quan also added: The Ministry of Construction has promptly issued a mechanism for the construction of emergency works, so many field hospitals have been completed quickly, serving the city's anti-epidemic work. At that time, Ho Chi Minh City did and did it as quickly as possible, so the cost would be higher than in normal days. For example, the normal purchase of oxygen cylinders is about 1 - 1.2 million VND/pillar, but sometimes up to 4 - 5 million VND/pillar; Labor costs are paid 3-4 times and cannot find people to work in areas with F0. On that basis, Mr. Quan suggested that the Ministry of Construction propose the Prime Minister on the issue of finalization according to actual unit prices.
Regarding the recommendations of the business community and localities, concluding the Conference, Deputy Minister Bui Hong Minh said that the Ministry of Construction will review the standards and regulations of inns and motels for workers as well as policies for low-income housing, social housing, in order to solve problems, if not reasonable, they will propose amendments. The Ministry is interested in promoting the development of building materials, digitizing the entire management system, gradually meeting the local market of building materials better. The Law on Housing and the Law on Real Estate Business are also being studied deeply in each segment to develop appropriate characteristics, standards, and separate management policies; research to make regulations on the management of underground space and above ground space in urban areas…
The issue of tight control of construction steel prices, avoiding speculation and hoarding to raise prices, the Ministry of Industry and Trade had a mission to check on this issue. "Many problems of the construction industry have been coordinated by the Ministry of Construction with other ministries and sectors to remove difficulties as quickly as possible for businesses and people. In the coming time, the Ministry of Construction will only In the face of current difficulties, the Ministry will quickly find solutions to overcome difficulties and promote economic development." Deputy Minister Bui Hong Minh affirmed.
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