Dong Thap Food Company

Dong Thap Food Company

Dong Thap Food Company is a unit directly under the Southern Food Corporation - Joint Stock Company, there are 05 affiliated units specializing in food production and processing; 01 Supermarket and Representative office of the Company in the city. HCM City.
Functions of the Company: Buying, selling, milling, processing and preserving food, food, flour, wheat, agricultural products; Purchase and sale of fertilizers, materials, equipment, and machinery for the agricultural sector; Services in support of cultivation, supply of plant varieties, crop harvest; Commercial services and supermarkets; Trading in general goods; Trading in household electrical appliances, metal appliances, computers; Warehousing services; Waterway transport support services; Commercial advertising.
Export markets: The company's goods have been exported to markets such as: Asian markets, including: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Middle East market, Africa market. , European Market, American Market, ...
We are very honored to be chosen by Dong Thap Food Company as a co-construction unit to replace the roof of the warehouse, the workshop, and the matching purlin. With more than 12 years of experience in factory design and construction. We are proud to have a team of technical staff: experienced architects, engineers, skilled workers, modern construction equipment, reasonable prices. Providing customers with quality works for good production and business.
Toan Thanh Construction Industry Joint Stock Company sincerely thank the cooperation as well as your trust Dong Thap Food Company has given us.
Thank you very much!
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